Tea isn't complicated – it’s simple; it's honest. 


The Loose Leaf Tea House first began in 2010 and is the creation of Monique Lucas and her love of aromatic, top quality, great tasting tea. Monique hand blends each and every one of our teas to make every cup memorable - from your regular morning 'pick you up' - through to those special tea moments that take you out of the everyday.

Since the beginning, we’ve sourced our tea from exceptional growers around the world. It’s then hand-blended, hand-packaged and hand-stamped. The result is that our customers receive only the freshest and highest quality tea. 

We’ve grown over the years, but one thing has remained the same – the idea that tea shouldn’t be complicated. Everyone should be able to enjoy quality tea, with no bitter aftertastes. Today, we stock over 30 types of teas, as well as our popular gift hampers. All of our products are available for delivery within Australia, as well as stocked at stores and served at cafes throughout the country.

Enjoying beautiful tea is all about taking a little extra care, a little extra time. So relax for a moment and unwind your way through our range of beautiful teas.